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Say No! More Trailers

During my time at Thunderful Publishing I worked on several trailers for the video game Say No! More.

And with most of them I also wrote the scripts for the videos – for an example the release date fake commercial trailer HERE and the launch trailer HERE – that I wrote and then re-edited with the games’ writer Brenden Gibbson.


Short films

From stupid comedy to serious dramas and terrifying horror – I’ve put my hands on every genre in the playbook in the short film format. Some examples:

With Shifter I wanted to write a short horror film about what seems to be safe and personal – but is something completely different.

I wrote dennis_vennis (dennis_frendis) with my collaborator Joel Eklund – and it’s a horrible and hopefully funny insight into a man that lives through his video blog.

Videodrömmen (Dreaming of VHS) isn’t a short film as much as it’s actually a pilot for a comedy series – but split up into several short comedy films. Videodrömmen is about a couple of horrible siblings who try and make money on selling old VHS films but fail on everything in life.

Kardemummakuk (Funky Spunk) is about a man that takes his new weird situation in his own hands.

Deadly Premonition 2 Trailer

One of the coolest things I’ve worked on is the sequel to the cult classic video game Deadly Premonition. With Deadly Premonition 2 I had the opportunity to produce one of the initial trailers – one where I wanted to introduce the audience to the weird and funny city the game is set in. I tried to write the trailer script like a classic small town commercial you can see on a local tv channel – but with a creepy twist.

HERE you can watch the final result (which I also edited).

Feature scripts

I wrote my first feature film script when I was 19: Ökenkafé (Desert Café). It was an intense psychological drama about a man who is forced to climb through his personal version of hell to find the woman he loves.

Ökenkafé was never produced, but I never gave up writing features.

My second feature script – Dödshjälp (Help me die) is a personal drama thriller with absurdist element about a documentary crew that follows a man that has decided to commit suicide. But when he in the middle of filming changes his mind the documentary crew won’t let him.

With Fantom (Phantom) I tried to be even more personal and heartfelt. When 11-year-old Tom runs away from social services he falls deeper and deeper into a fantasy world – at the same time as a tropical storm approaches. He has to face a terrible realization before he starves to death or worse – gets taken away from his family.

Right now I’m working on two feature scripts: En Spökresa (A Ghost Trip) about two ghosts that goes on a roadtrip through Sweden to find the family of the younger one of them, and Skiftaren (Shifter), a feature film version of a horror short we created.


I was nine years old when I got my first video game magazine. I was the Swedish magazine SUPER PLAY and the focus of that issue was Resident Evil 2. A dream was born that day.

15 years later I walked into the office where that magazine was created. Or… not the same office of course – they had moved many times during all those years – but even if both the office and the name of the magazine had changed (now it was called LEVEL), the editor-in-chief was the same and the long round had finally paid of.

What begun as a random email to RESET Media, who ran LEVEL, about a position at the newly started IGN Sweden soon turned into something bigger.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It took quite some time before I finally could meet my childhood heroes. 

During high school I started writing – more and more – and writing about video games felt like a natural place to get better at it. So I found a small gaming website called GameDevil and wrote a couple of horrible reviews for them. This let me build up a small portfolio of texts – h

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Graphic Design

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Art Direction

I started my career in writing at the local magazine in Östersund called nollsextre (063). Being only 13 years old it was a huge opportunity and something that completely changed my life. It was here my interest for journalism and specifically writing about games was born.