Three siblings decide to start up the old VHS store that their family previously had. With no sense of business, or even to function socially, the three siblins and their friends destroy everything for everyone that they come into contact with.

All because of their dream to become rich and famous - and everything is acceptable to achive your dreams.

"Videodrömmen" is a comedy series about horrible people that want so much but are able to do so little. And about the scary and dirty world their store is a portal to.

We were 10 years old and was running around in the forest, filming our own horror movies.

Filmmaking have always been something close to my heart, and my first feature script was finished when I was 19. Since then I have studied film, both at Katrinebergs Folkhögskola and Göteborgs Folkhögskola, done countless short films and produced everything from comedies to music videos.

Here you can find more information about my filmmaking and what I'm working on.

What we are doing

"Videodrömmen" is a weird, ugly and hopefully funny comedy series.

We have already filmed and edited the whole 30 minute pilot, and have scripts for an entire season of 10 episodes to follow.

Right now we are talking to production companies to get this show on the road.

This autumn we will also put together a series of teasers for the first episode, which will follow with the full release sometime later this year.