The Good Company

Sometimes you have to take things into your own hands. Even if that leads to a deadly outcome.
”The Good Company” is a short film about loneliness and finding the small things in life. This was a piece we talked about for quite some time, where I’m playing the deranged main character. It’s always fun to play fucked up people, and there is even more to this character then may seem from the start. The Good Company will act as a sort of side story to one of our upcoming projects ”Haff”, where we see more of his life and what drives him.

”Haff” is planned to begin production in January 2020, with a release summer 2020.

Hopefully you didn’t understand at first that ”The Good Company” is just another stupid commercial for our film collective Lowlife Film. Our idea was to have it start as a regular indie short film, with the whole ”presents” and leading up to that the real movie will begin. This is a concept we really like and wanna build upon more, as it’s a great way to break the experience.

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