Game Journalism


I was nine years old when I got my first video game magazine. I was the Swedish magazine SUPER PLAY and the focus of that issue was Resident Evil 2. A dream was born that day.

15 years later I walked into the office where that magazine was created. Or… not the same office of course – they had moved many times during all those years – but even if both the office and the name of the magazine had changed (now it was called LEVEL), the editor-in-chief was the same and the long round had finally paid of.

What begun as a random email to RESET Media, who ran LEVEL, about a position at the newly started IGN Sweden soon turned into something bigger.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It took quite some time before I finally could meet my childhood heroes. 


During high school I started writing – more and more – and writing about video games felt like a natural place to get better at it. So I found a small gaming website called GameDevil and wrote a couple of horrible reviews for them. This let me build up a small portfolio of texts – horrible as they were didn’t really matter – and I soon got into a local monthly magazine called nollsextre. This is