It's the ultimate story. And will be the perfect movie, even if someone has to die along the way. At least if you are listening to the director himself.

"Dödshjälp - en liten film om när drömmar tynar bort" is a dark drama comedy filmed in a mocumentary style about a man trying to kill himself and the crew that will capture it on film, even if the subject himself have changed his mind.

A movie about the horrible truth about a man's desire to die, and a look into a huge problem our society is wrestling with, that no one is talking about.

"Dödshjälp" is also a take on someone willing to do everything to tell a story. But nothing is ever so simple.

What we are doing

"Dödshjälp" is a feature movie in the works. With a finished script, team and actors we are right now looking for business parters and financial support to make this dream come true.

More info will come in the future on how the production is going and when you can expect a full release.

Until then you are free to check in the short pilot we did (up there!) to capture the feel and look of what "Dödshjälp" is supposed to be. It's a little bit rough around the edges, but feel free to check it out anyway.