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Deadly Premonition 2

20 augusti, 2020

Hey, have you played the cult classic game Deadly Premonition? If not, you should! It is a totally bad game, but filled with so much magic it becomes good. Like Twin Peaks meets The Room but in a japanese video game. And I got the chance to work on the second game. I got the…

The Sect

13 juni, 2020

A small group of maladapted individuals are looking for a higher meaning and context in the chaotic world. They are united in their extreme love for artist Whitney Houston, whom they see as a higher being. In the group there is a belief that in the afterlife, those who are sacrificed in her name may…


17 oktober, 2019

Dennis isn’t like everyone else. He doesn’t really see the social codes that you and I do. Dennis video blog is the most important thing in the world for him. When he meets old friends while recording his weekly vlog an old misunderstanding divides the group and leaves a huge scar in both Dennis and…

The Circle Worlds

5 september, 2019

One day Saria gets a letter from her father she haven’t seen in ages. ”Get to Agharta”, it says. But Saria have never been in the gigantic city in the center of the world. Soon she is thrown into the chaos that engulfs the filthy streets of Agharta between the different companies and the people…

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